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I am a fiber artist working with the color, pattern and texture of fabric.  I enjoy the freedom, movement and power given to creating the sculpture of cloth.   Combining the various colors, patterns and weaves of fabric is very exciting to me. 

My wall pieces can be landscapes that depict a story of travel, record the passage of time, or an impression of the content of the soul or atmosphere.  Other wall pieces are stories and some are a puzzle waiting for the viewer to figure it out.  I like to hide little surprises in each piece to give the work extra meaning.  The wall hangings tend to be three dimensional and seem to ask the viewer to enter into and touch the world shown.

My art may also be wearable...coats...jackets...vests...purses...locket pockets.  Covered albums and books, furniture and toys round out my scope of activity.  I mix cotton, silk, metallic, rayon, sheers, and wool fabric to achieve the effect I am looking for. 

I enjoy telling stories with my work and I trust this joy carries thru to the viewer.   Come share the joy and wonder of God's world with me.