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In this workshop I ask you to bring a picture or an idea that you can share with me, as we work on your piece.  Class is asked to bring fabric that is the color and design to match what you want for your piece.  I bring a basket full of fabric to supplement what you will need for your design.

You can work on a wall piece, garment, pillow, purse, covered book or album in this class.


I enjoy sharing and teaching about my quilts and garments.  I would be happy to custom prepare a lecture or workshop to include what your group is most interested in.


Quilt Talks...$250.00   Workshops...$350.00  Mileage...42c a mile

Housing...Provided as needed


LANDSCAPE ART, THE STORY IT TELLS...This lecture is an informative, helpful and fun presentation about newer ideas in quilting.  I will bring many examples of Art Quilts and Wearable Art and tell the story about each piece.  The audience is encouraged to ask questions as we go along.

ANTIQUE QUILTS, TIME, PATTERN AND CARE...I have enjoyed collecting and creating antique quilts for many years.  I bring quilts from the East Coast, Midwest and the West Coast.  I share how you can date your antique quilts by pattern, fabric and design.  Caring for your antique quilts is also a very important part of my talk.

WEARABLE ART FASHION SHOW...I enjoy sharing my quilted garments and everyone is encouraged to help model the garments for all to see.  I tell the stories behind the pieces and interesting facts about wearable art.  Finding the fabric, fitting the garment, placing the design to the best advantage, lining fabric selection and hand finishing details are included.


LANDSCAPE - STORY TELLING QUILTS...I ask you to bring a picture or an idea that you can share as you work on your piece.  Class is asked to bring fabric in the color and pattern to match what you want to creat.  I also bring fabric and sheers to supplement what you will need for your project.

ART QUILTS AT THEIR BEST...This class helps you make your art quilts sparkle with color, design and pattern.  A work in progress may be brought and you will be encouraged to complete the landscape story, put borders on the piece and finish the art quilt ready to hang.

CUSTOM LECTURE or WORKSHOP...I enjoy sharing my quilts, garments and wall pieces.  I would be delighted to prepare a talk or workshop to fill the needs of your group.  Just call or e-mail me and we can plan a lecture or workshop that will work with your group.

QUILT TALKS...$250.00                    WORKSHOPS...One Day $350.00 Two Day $625.00

MILEAGE...48c a mile, round trip         HOUSING...Provided as needed